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Cpt. Backwater

Captain Backwater on Steam

16. August 2017

Our puzzle game Captain Backwater will be released on Steam at September, 13th 2017. Put it on you Steam-Wishlist now!

The return of a classic

14. February 2017

In 2005 Intermediaware released a shoot'em'up game called Absolute Blue. We want to bring this classic game to Steam and need your help. Vote for us on greenlight and help us to release a remastered version on Steam.

Welcome to the underground

5. September 2016

We are proud to announce that our award-winning puzzle game Bots Boom Bang is now available completly free on Amazon Underground.

We 've overhauled the whole game balancing, so we got rid of all in-app-purchases. So now, the full game is 100% free of ads and in app purchases. But that wasn't enough to us, we've also added 20 new levels not available in any other version. So if you own an Android device, you really should try out this very innovative puzzle game.

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